A Leading U.S. Brass Foundry Since 1953

We make the highest quality brass, bronze, and aluminum parts for OEM manufacturers at our 200,000-square-foot facility with service you can count on.

Automatic Molding

From eight ounce castings to over forty pounds. Fall River Foundry’s multiple automated molding lines can meet your high volume needs.

Manual Molding

Capabilities include traditional Squeeze molding, Semi-Automatic Osbourne Roto-Lift, and Air Set Molding provide for casting needs up to 500 pounds.

CNC Machining

Over 70,000 sq ft CNC Machining Equipment dedicated to the needs of our customers. Hybrid Machining Centers – (CNC paired with Robotics) – used to meet high volume demands.

Core Manufacturing

Inhouse Core Production includes:  Shell Core, Warm Box using a furan resin, in addition to S02 Cold Box processes.

Core Box Design and Build

Full time team dedicated to Core Box design and build for your Casting Needs and/or modification of your current Core Box into our Manufacturing Facility.

Pattern Design and Build

Experienced team designs and builds Patterns based on your 2D drawings or 3D solid model. If you currently have a pattern, often times this can be modified for use at Fall River.


The objective of the Fall River Foundry is to supply quality products that perform in accordance with customer’s requirements, specification and expectations. To achieve these objectives Fall River Foundry’s Quality Management System is based off the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

High Pressure Die Casting

Specializes in cold chamber brass and aluminum high pressure die casting.

What Makes Fall River the Best Brass Foundry?

With over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we provide end to end solutions for our brass foundry customers. Value added services include Tool Design, Core Manufacturing , Finishing, CNC Machining, and Automated Leak Testing, all of these processes are completed to your specifications.

Specializing in manufacturing Leaded and Non-Leaded Pressure Tight Green Sand Castings with separate facilities for High Pressure Brass, Bronze, and Aluminum Die Casting.

Quality is key with every casting at our brass foundry. Extensive ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality system committed to Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Methodology.

Locally Sourced Raw Materials using only Certified Ingots with Traceability to US Certified Suppliers.

Extensive Automation expertise ensures quality and volume fulfillment for all your castings needs.

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