Fall River Group

The Fall River Group is a proud American manufacturing organization with over 55 year of expertise in the art of foundering nonferrous alloys. At each of our entities, employees are dedicated with no avail to produce cast and machined products that are recognized to be the finest throughout the world.

We are a multi-generational group that through the years has garnered much experience that can only be described as “Old School”. With the advent of modern technology, our organization has truly become the one to which others are compared. You will find that doing business with Fall River Group will be the easiest part of your casting procurement. Please take a moment to view our vast capacities to see how we may assist you in becoming one of our cherished partners of industries.

  Fall  River Foundry

  • High Production Foundry
  • Brass and Aluminum Foundry
  • Proud American Foundry

              Fall River Foundy group

Rheocast Company

  • High Pressure Die Casting
  • Aluminum & Brass Die Casting
  • Tool Design

Fall River Group has positioned itself to be the leader in pouring lead free brass in compliance with Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act for the use of brass in the waterworks industry.

Fall River Group for the past 15 years has been an innovator in all facets of Manufacturing process for lead free brass Including:

Pouring/Casting/Molding | Finishing | Machining | Pressure Leak Testing/Final Inspection Process

Fall River Foundry’s dedicated process of manufacturing will assure all casting that are produced
under these standards are compliant with NSF/ANSI 372. Fall River Foundry Part of The Fall River Group
Since our establishment in 1954, The Fall River Group has been acclaimed as the most modern independent non-ferrous foundry, brass die caster and manufacturing company in the United States.

From the smallest castings of less than an ounce to large castings weighing up to 600 pounds, our
fully automated facilities and experienced production management and personnel are dedicated to
meeting our customer’s most rigid metal and dimensional specifications in producing the highest
quality brass, bronze and aluminum castings.