Q- How much does Fall River normally charge per pattern and core box when moving equipment into the foundry?

A- Fall River does not typically charge anything to customers when moving new or existing pattern and core box equipment into the foundry.

Q- Can Fall River typically use my existing patterns and core boxes without having to quote new equipment if I move my equipment to your foundry?

A- Yes in almost every instance we can use your existing patterns and core boxes in our foundry.

Q- What is the typical lead time I can expect on un-machined castings or on machined castings?

A- Our normal lead time on un-machined castings is 4 weeks and for machined castings it is normally 6 weeks. But if you need a stocking program for your specific needs please don’t hesitate to speak with our Sales Manager about those needs.

Q- Does Fall River buy back machine shop chips and turnings from its customers?

A- Yes, if your machine shop chips and turnings are clean and dry and not contaminated with other metals we will buy these back from you at a fair market price based on the metal market at that time.

Q- Does Fall River produce all of its own cores or will my core box equipment be moved to a third party core making operation?

A- Yes Fall River produces all of its cores in our state of the art core room and your core box equipment once here will not be sent anywhere.

Q-. When I need to make a revision to an existing pattern or core box will my tooling be sent out to an independent pattern shop or can Fall River do this in house?

A- Any piece of pattern or core box equipment that needs revised will be done in house in Fall River’s in house pattern shop.