Brass/Bronze Castings

Fall River Foundry specializes in pressure tight green sand brass and bronze castings ranging in weight from less than a pound up to 600 pounds.
* Smaller volume jobs in all sizes are handled on our  manual molding lines.
* Larger castings in weight and size are ran on our Air set lines.
* High volume running jobs are handled by our 3 automatic molding molding lines supplied by 2 Inductotherm automatic pouring vessels.
One of the lines is dedicated to BiAlloy CDA89836 our lead free alloy for the waterworks industry and other lead free applications.
Fall River has over 20 years of experience running pressure tight lead free casting.
The remainder traditional leaded alloys are ran separately to ensure the highest of quality for all alloys.
Fall River Foundry Brass and Bronze Alloys

Fall River Foundry would be pleased to quote all of your brass and bronze casting needs.