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Fall River Foundry utilizes generations of foundry experience and modern technologies to produce elite quality brass,bronze,and aluminum alloy castings. Fall River Foundry offers the most modern cast to machine process that is geared toward high production pressure tight lead free brass castings for the water industries. Fall River’s flexibility allow us to also simultaneously focus on many other non-ferrous alloys with smaller run quantities. Fall River Foundry's approach is to deliver quality on time castings at your exact specifications to make us America’s finest nonferrous jobbing foundry.

Brass/Bronze Castings

  • High Production Brass Foundry
  • Lead Free Brass Castings
  • Traditional Brass & Bronze Alloys
  • Complete Design and Pattern Shop

Aluminum Castings

  • 319 & 356 Aluminum Alloys
  • Modern In House Core Room
  • Pressure Tight Castings
  • JIT/Kanban Capable

CNC Machining

  • Cast To Machine Process
  • High Production Machining
  • Tractability of Production
  • Pressure Leak Testing

-Fall River Foundry, Quality Statement

"The Fall River Foundry, from our employees to management, will provide products that will meet or exceed your expectations through our commitment to continuous improvement and world-class quality, while staying focused on your requirements on an individual basis."